The FREE URL Rotator is a completely FREE URL rotation service. Register a URL rotator to promote multiple websites with a single rotator URL.

  • Promote multiple websites with a single URL
  • Unlimited target URLs per rotator
  • Anonymous rotator accounts
  • Quick & easy registration and rotator administration
  • No banners or pop-ups are shown with your target URLs, only your site content

How it Works

A URL rotator is a tool that website owners can use to promote multiple websites with a single URL. By directing all incoming traffic to the rotator URL, the rotator can then redirect those website visits, or "hits", to any number of other websites. To see an example of how this works, you can try our demo rotator by clicking on the following link, which will open the demo rotator in another window. We've set up the demo rotator to rotate between various web comics so that it is easy to visually notice the difference in web sites. By clicking on the link below again, you can see that is has redirected you to a different comic website than the first time you clicked it. This is because our demo rotator is currently rotating through 5 different comic websites!

If you were to register a rotator with as "myrotator", your rotator URL would look like this:

You will also be given access to a management interface for your rotator which will allow you to enter any number of URLs that you want your rotator to rotate through. After saving your list, all you then have to do is promote your rotator URL!

For further ideas on how you can utilize your rotator, please see the Tips & Trix section.

Why Use a URL Rotator?

Generally, people use URL rotators to make life a little easier for themselves. If you use many different services to advertise your websites, any time you create a new site that you want to add to your promotional services, you would have to update each individual service to add the new site. You're in a similar situation if you want to remove a site from your promotions. Many promotional services only allow you to promote one URL, or are technically limited in that you must create a separate account with their service for each URL you want to promote. When you have multiple sites to promote, and are using multiple promotional services to accomplish your goals, this can become a management nightmare really quick!

By using multiple rotators together (see the Tips & Trix section for details) you can also control what percentage of your web traffic goes to each website. This is commonly referred to as "weighting", and allows website owners a greater amount of control over the visitors to their websites that come via the rotator.

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